VSA arts of Georgia

VSA arts of Georgia is a wonderful program that offers FREE tickets to both Ongoing Events, and numerous Special Events throughout Georgia. This program is available to Support Group Members and Members of the Brain Injury Association of Georgia. Members request tickets through their Support Group Leader.

VSA arts of Georgia has recently developed a new Community Events Weekly Update in the form of a Newsletter. This Newsletter lists Special Events that are occurring in the area, as well as giving a list of Ongoing Events (which tells you exactly what show or topic is being presented, and even the dates the show is running). Each Support Group Leader emails you this Newsletter each week. (If not, be sure to ask them about it.)

Your ticket requests must go through your Support Group Leader or Brain Injury Association of Georgia  VSA arts of GA state coordinator. If you are a member of the Brain Injury Association of Georgia, but are not a member of a Support Group, contact the VSA arts of Georgia State Coordinator via email by clicking here.

For ONGOING EVENTS go to www.vsaartsga.org  (Community Events and Ongoing)

Some availability is shown on the Calendar of Events, but go to the Venue’s listed website to read exactly what that venue is currently offering. Some example venues are: the Atlanta Botanical Gardens; the Fernbank Science Center; High Museum; Imagine It! Children’s Museum; Zoo Atlanta.

NOTE: Ongoing Events require 2 weeks notice. (This is a FIRM RULE. exceptions are not made by VSA arts of Georgia.)

Be sure to list the name of the VENUE you want, and not just the name of the exhibit.

For SPECIAL EVENTS go to www.vsaartsga.org under Community Events, Special Events and Calendar of Events (which usually includes a web link for directions) Call the VSA Hotline System at 404-221-1270 then press 2, to get updates on events.

ATLANTA BRAVES, ATLANTA THRASHERS, AND ATLANTA HAWKS tickets are sometimes offered. Watch the website and Newsletter for these announcements. These tickets go very quickly, so get your requests without delay.

NOTE: There is a new ticket tracking system in place to know exactly how the tickets that they donate to VSA arts of Georgia are used. If at any time they determine that any tickets have been sold or exchanged for value, or not used as requested, our entire Brain Injury Association of Georgia will be removed from the VSA arts of Georgia program.

There are numerous Rules and Regulations explained in the VSA Guidebook. Ask your Support Group Leader for a copy, or ask them to review these with you.

If you order a ticket, treat these FREE tickets as if you PAID FOR THEM. There are extremely strict rules for cancellation of tickets, and any of our Support Group members can be placed on probation for weeks, or even lose our privileges completely.

Remember that both your Support Group Leader and the VSA arts of Georgia State Coordinator are VOLUNTEERS. We always do our best to treat your requests with both respect and expediency. We want our Support Group Members to get out in the community and attend these wonderful events, and have some fun.

Help us help you.

Rebekah Geier

Brain Injury Association of Georgia VSA arts of GA State Coordinator 706-766-8124